Apple Mac Business Support

Let us help you make it "Just Work"


What we do

CMD CTRL Limited are focused on offering a complete I.T. support outsourcing solution for your business. We are your system administrators, help desk support technicians and technical consultants all rolled into one. As experienced problem solvers we understand people and business, not just the technology!

Helpdesk Support

We offer a customised apple mac business support it help desk system. Employees are able to log issues by phone or email with a description of what they are experiencing. The helpdesk interface offers an integrated branded self-service knowledge base for accessing possible resolutions to common issues.

System Administration

Workstation computers, servers, routers, firewalls, backup appliances, you name it. Our certified system administrators and apple support technicians have the skills and deep knowledge necessary to ensure your business critital systems run optimally.

Technical Consultants

Secure, scalable and reliable technology is essential for business continuity. We will help you make the right decisions when it comes down to purchasing new software, services and hardware. Our specialist knowledge and advice will be indispensable as your business develops and expands.

Hardware Repairs

It's a sad fact that although constant monitoring is in place, I.T. hardware can occasionally fail. When this happens, our certified hardware engineers can easilly swap out a hard drive or replace a logic board. If it's something we don't have complete knowlegde of, we'll orchestrate getting it to the professionals who do.

What makes us stand out from the crowd?

Mac Focus

Many business it support companies main focus is the Windows PC. As a mac support company our main focus is Apple Mac support. However, we understand that these two platforms should work in harmony together. We have a deep knowledge of integrating Windows PC's into Mac environments and vice versa.

Customized Response Times

Mission critical or not, we will work with you to find the best level of support to suit your business and budgeting needs.

Managed Software Services

Silently pushed software updates for all your applications, cloud managed antivirus & threat detection, automatic system reconfiguration. As a managed service provider our Managed IT Services help keep everything up to date, issue free and secure.

Complete Confidence & Reliability

As seasoned support professionals, our Apple Technical Support team have the knowledge and confidence to use tried and tested technology solutions to help your business.

Our clients

We have a wide and varied client base, with each of them having their own particular needs. We are able to support most business environments, including but not limited to: Registered Charities, Educational Establishments, Government Sector, Engineers, Architects, Art and Design Studios and Music Production/Sound Recording Studios. Our I.T. support services are tailored to not only meet your needs, but to exceed them. With Offices in East Anglia (Norwich & Kings Lynn) and London, our Business Support and Managed Services are available to most of the East/South East of England

Our partners